Painting "Winter landscape"

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Artist/Maker: Zeberiņš Indriķis

Artist/Maker Dates: 1882 - 1969

Place of Production: Latvia

Date of Production: 1930s

Materials: cardboard, oil

Width: 17.0 cm.

Height: 25.0 cm.


Like new

Condition notes: Wear consistent with age and use


Indriķis Zeberiņš (born in 1882, died in 1969), painter, graphic artist.
Studied at the studio of J. Rosenthal in Riga (1905–1906), at the school of the Society for the Promotion of Art in Petrograd (1914–1915). 1925 graduated from the figurative painting workshop of the Latvian Art Academy under the guidance of J.R. Tillberg.

Since the beginning of his creative work, contact with the art of J. Rosenthal, working in his studio, has left a great impression.

He painted mostly small-scale scenes of rural life in oil technique, landscapes in a realistic manner. Has left a relatively wide artistic legacy. A characteristically humorous, highly optimistic view of the portrayal.

The artist Indriķis Zeberiņš made a great contribution to the development of Latvian book graphics with his works, which depicted the patriarchal life of farmers, paying attention to the environment and surrounding details, this plot also continues in his paintings. The types in his works are slightly exaggerated and satirical. For his sharp satire, I. Zeberiņš was imprisoned in Riga prison for five years (1951-1956).
Born in Kuldīga district in a family of farmers - in "Sprincsaldenieki" of Snēpele parish.
He received his first education at Griķu Kalnmuiža parish school (1894-1898), Kuldīga two-class ministry school (1898-1900), Riga Rosenthals studio (1906-1907), general education evening courses at Mūrmaņa evening school (1909-1914), At the school of the Imperial Art Promotion Society in Petrograd (1914-1915). He served in the army (1915-1917), went to Moscow in 1918, joined the 3rd Kurzeme Latvian Rifle Regiment, at that time he illustrated the magazine "Strēlnieks" (1919-1920). Returned to Riga in 1920, graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia under the guidance of J.R. Tillbergs with a diploma thesis "Sunday Morning" (1925). 1927. toured Western Europe.
Participated in the exhibitions of the Independent Artists' Union (1920 - 1926), the Latvian Artists' Union (1928 -1938), Culture Fund exhibitions, Latvian representation exhibitions in Stockholm (1927), Moscow, Leningrad (1934).
Personal exhibitions:
In Riga (1930, 1943, 1962), Irlava (1933), Dzhukste (1934), Renge, Koknese (30th), Kuldiga (1962), Kazdang (1965), Ogre (1966). ).
Memorial exhibitions:
In Riga (1981.1982), Kuldīga (1972, 1982), Tukums (1983)
Member of the Union of Artists since 1944 - 1951. Excluded, reinstated in 1956.
Worked in the technique of ink, watercolors, wood carving (1920s). He worked in interior graphics in the techniques of woodcarving, woodcut, linocut, lithography, etching. Drawn with charcoal, ink, sangina and pencil.

More well-known illustrated books by I. Zeberiņš: J. Zeibolt's "Crazy Baron Bunduls" (1925), A. Brigadere's "God, Nature, Work" (1927), "Skarbos vējos" (1931), A. Upītis "Moss Village Boys" ( 1940), "Green Earth" (1947), "Green Book" (1965) by J. Jaunsudrabiņa. Literarized and illustrated Latvian folk tales: "The most beautiful Latvian fairy tales and fables" (1934), "Mr. Hargais" (1945), "Golden bird" (1946), "Fox and wolf" (1959)
In magazines: "Vērotājs", "Austrums", "Stari", "Jaunības tekas", "Jaunības tekas". Cartoons, cartoons: "Nirga", "Vārdotājs", "Šalkas", "Svari", "Lietuvēns" and others. c.

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