Earrings with topaz and yellow diamonds
Gold box with miniature
Large jewelry set of four items
Gold pendant-brooch with chain
Gold earrings with diamonds
Gold cross with grenades
Gold set of three items "Bees"
Gold ring with diamonds and green pearl
Gold ring with tourmaline and diamonds
Gold key chain with pendant "Queen of Clubs"
Turtle hair comb with gold decoration
Gold brooch-barrette with coral
Gold brooch with turquoise and diamonds
Gold pocket watch "Levrette"
Gold pocket watch "Mermod Freres"
Gold pocket watch "Henry"
Silver pocket watch "Pegasus"
Tiffany & Co earrings from "Basket" collection
Cartier earrings from "Diamants Legers De Cartier" collection
Cufflinks Cartier "Panthere Maillon"
Bulgari Stud earrings in white gold
Chopard Ring "Ice Cube"
Chopard "Happy Diamonds 2000 Love" ring with floating diamond
Gold Pendant Happy Diamonds Chopard "Elephant"
Large gold brooch decorated with turquoise and freshwater pearls
Gold pendant earrings with diamonds
Gold earrings with rubies and diamonds
Large gold ring rhomboid shape
A large gold ring rectangular shape
Big gold ring in a Venetian style "Cross"
A large gold ring with a rhomboid aquamarine
A large gold ring with pearl "Flowers with a butterfly"
Large gold pendant "Dragonfly" on a silk cord
Large gold brooch "Flower Bouquet" in historism style, decorated ...
Gold ring with three diamonds
Gold brooch with diamond in Art Nouveau style